International Conference on Architectural Research & Computer-Aided Design

28-29 January 2017, Sousse, Tunisia

logoThe art of architecture can be found everywhere. From big cities to small suburbs, beautiful buildings and modern marvels have become an intrinsic part of contemporary life.

But for architects—you know, the people responsible for making buildings come alive—architecture is many things: at once abstract and down to earth, a synthesis of art and science, and, quite literally, the “process and product of planning, designing and constructing” physical structures. To say architects have an entirely different way of seeing modern buildings is a dramatic understatement.

Whether you consider yourself a budding builder or an amateur aficionado, we want you to be able to enjoy architecture with a well-rounded, critical eye. Join ICARCAD’ 2017 TODAY!!

ICARCAD’ 2017 is under the patron of

Unità di Ricerca AIS del Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto di Sapienza. 

(Research Unit AIS. Department of Architecture and Design. Sapienza University of Rome)

The themes of the conference are centered around the following areas:

  • Management of complex project in architecture
  • Public space
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Architecture in critical areas
  • Architecture of accessibility
  • Time in Architecture
  • Computers in Architecture
  • Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE
  • Green building
  • Intelligent building

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